Crystal: Autism

Crystal is 27years old diagnosis Autism

So far Crystal has had two sets of Scotson therapy over a period of 9 months and we just started her third set of exercises. She is much calmer and more aware of her surroundings .Her movements are more assured and smoother, she is more able to focus her eyes (before they were noticeably crossed and she seemed to strain her eyes to see.) She has become much more observant and more gentle with things around her. This week at Advance she bent to smell the sunflowers which were on the table in the therapy room and began to build with tubes and cylinders I’ve not seen her do these things before. She has begun to ask in word when she wants to go to the toilet. She has also begun to spontaneously wash her hands afterwards and will brush her teeth when I leave the toothpaste on the brush. All of which show me how much more she has began to understand.


In addition Crystal is defiantly happier in herself due to her increased understanding. She was obviously glad to return to the centre which has beautiful calm atmosphere. Linda and the staffs are all very patient and helpful which allows parents to feel relaxed and enjoy the therapy tuition and the wealth of wonderful information which is available.